Who are we?

Today TIP-TOP TEAM is more than twenty talented, ambitious, courageous guys - real professionals in their field. It all started in 2014, when three friends were looking for the perfect way to express themselves. The result of the search was the creation of our studio.

Vitaly Novikov

Co-founder, General Director

Graduate of the New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts.

Creator of TV channels UTV, "Living Nature", "Through the eyes of tourists".

Creative director of the Ufanet company (2010-2015).

Director of the film "Spring Ball", which received the All-Russian Television Prize TEFI.

Stas Stepanov

Co-founder, Art Director

Graduate of the British Higher School of Art and Design.

Head of the PR department of the Ufanet company (2012-2015).

Author of the first in Russia reality show about street art "City of Creativity", which was awarded the National Television Prize "Big Digit".

Roxanne Sankina

Co-founder, Producer

Head of social projects at Ufanet (2012-2015).

Curator of the federal social project "Children are our future" in 18 cities of Russia (2009-2014).