Advertising campaign
"Zur Hockey"

Hockey club "Salavat Yulaev"
To develop and implement an advertising campaign for the 2019-2020 season for the hockey club "Salavat Yulaev".
1. Reflect the national identity of the region, be a reason for pride among the residents;
2. Develop a unified style of club content design;
3. Increase the engagement of the club's audience in social networks by 30%;
4. Increase the number of tickets sold by 15%.

In Bashkiria, it is customary to do everything with love and on a large scale.

If you do "bulesh" (trans. Belyash), then necessarily "kur bulesh" (big belyash), so that it will be enough for the whole family. If “rәhmәt” (translated thanks), then “ur rәhmәt” (thank you very much). If hockey, then not just a sport, but, above all, a great reason for pride.

From the stands or on the ice, everyone is waiting for "Qur goals" and "Qur games". Through deliberate exaggeration, we decided to convey to all fans that a great game and great victories await everyone this season.


As part of the campaign, a unified concept was developed, in the style of which all the club's content was designed throughout the season - promo videos, video presentation of the form, media cube design, outdoor advertising, fan's day.

During the season, an add-on was developed - the Bik Zur Hockey campaign for the playoffs


Hockey club "Salavat Yulaev"

Suhr hockey

Hockey club "Salavat Yulaev"

Suhr hockey

Hockey club "Salavat Yulaev"

Suhr hockey

Outdoor advertising
25 banners and 10 media facades were posted around the city during the main season and 25 banners during the playoffs.
Media cube design

For the first time in the history of HC "Salavat Yulaev", the cube became interactive and "revived" hockey players.

Now, when announcing the line-up, viewers see not a static photo, but a lively and emotional greeting: the players wave to the fans, show their signature gestures and charge them for the game. They rejoice with the audience for every goal or save they score.

For filming, a special photo zone was built, which was later exhibited in the foyer of the Ufa-Arena, where fans could take pictures or make a video like their favorite hockey players.

The holiday of the beginning of the season and the meeting with the fans of the club is now called "Zur Bayram", which translates as "great holiday".
Social network
Throughout the season, the prefix "zur" was actively used when posting content on social networks: # ZurGol, # ZurIgra, ZurSave, # ZurZashchitnik. At the end of the match, the club chose the best player and the most active fan, published them in pairs on Instagram under the hashtags # ZurIgrok and # ZurBoleschik.
more than 10,000 posts in social networks using the hashtag #Zurhockey (26% more than in the previous season)
more than 3.5 million views of the club's video content (57% more than the previous season)
the number of likes of user-generated content increased by 49.6% (while UGC grew by 33.2%)
the overall engagement rate of the club instagram increased by 52.5%, the engagement in VK increased by 2.17 times

A pleasant result of the communication campaign was the victory in the main all-Russian competition for sports marketing MARSPO AWARDS 2020.

Our work was recognized as a laureate in the nomination: "The best advertising campaign for a sports club / event / organization."

MarSpo Awards
Moscow, 2020